Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seamus Golf

I had the opportunity make contact with Akbar of Seamus golf, the wonderful makers of fine woolen golf accessories.  

I found Seamus via twitter (very 21st century ain't it).  We both followed many of the same folks, so the big brains at Twitter suggested I follow them @seamusgolf.

He was most gracious in answering my questions with detail and in his own words "spreading the good wool".

What I like about Seamus is the fact that their products are genuinely unique.  It is not a recycled idea but something that jumped out as brand new.  The ability to create something new for an ancient game that somehow can still call out to the past is to me, a stroke of genius.  

The head covers are sewn and designed locally and even made of wool milled in the USA.  

You can find Seamus' line up of goods by clicking here: Seamus Golf Products.  Check them out for yourself.

I wanted to share some incite from our contact. Akbar sent me a few pictures and told me one great story to boot.  What a wonderful and unique way to get a behind the curtain view of the Artisan behind the art.


"This was an experiment where I took some wool of ours, the herringbone harris tweed of the harris clan, and worked with the folks at Mackenzie Golf Bag Co. (i.e. Todd) to make a really cool bag.  The significance of the pic?  I have wanted to make this bag with our wool for many years now, and the first time I got to do it was for this birthday gift.  The fellow holding the bag is my little brother, Ali, a 3rd year med student.  He got off a 30 hour shift in Oncology at OHSU and in the typical manner met my wife and I up for breakfast one Sunday morning at our favorite diner, Besaws.  After the breakfast, we surprised him with a two day early birthday gift that was the first ever golf bag made as a combined effort between the wonderful folks at Mackenzie Golf Bags, with some wool touches from us at Seamus.  The results were well received, and instead of heading for bed, he promptly insisted we go play Pumpkin Ridge to celebrate.  He was a machine that day, and it might have been inspired by this very bag.   It is becoming likely that a bag made by Mackenzie with some Seamus Golf love will be available in the future."

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